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One of the great difficulties with living in the wonderful country that is Australia is getting American goods here. While Australia is obviously a first world country, getting the best deals off of Amazon or winning an eBay bid becomes an enormous shipping headache. Receiving international mail is both risky and costly. You could easily lose a package along the way and there is no guarantee that a company will resend a new item for you for free, especially given the cost of international post.
I have found a couple of ways to bypass the issue though. Instead of giving up your online shopping habit, you can make use of package services to have the parcels forwarded to you from Amazon directly. This means that the package can still be tracked, making it much harder to lose, and quite a bit less costly.
There are a few forwarding services out there, but the one that I have had most success with is By using their service, I am able to purchase the Amazon Deal of the Day all the way in Australia and not have to worry about an extreme shipping fee to get it to me.
Yes there are American goods located in Australia, but with them comes the exuberant price, because the products are considered “foreign.” There is an expectation that American goods should be found in western countries, and they are, just not to the extent as online. In my effort to keep bargain hunting, I have been using the forwarding service by, who has helped me to continue getting access to the American items I had originally wanted.
No longer do I need to fly to New York to be able to purchase the latest fashions, I can just order it online directly and have it sent to my house. Instead of finding some Australian knock-off or substitute, I am able to get the exact product that I wanted as if the company were here and not thousands of miles away.
Online shopping in Australia is very different than in the States, where just about every store is online with thousands of options. Online shopping here has less variety and of course is short on the deals that I am able to snag off of eBay. If there is a true find on eBay and the seller will not ship internationally, you don’t need to worry, the shipper can ship to your provided address instead.
How it works is that the company actually gives you an American address to have the company send to, but instead of making it to the address provided, the boxes are then forwarded all the way to Australia, making it seem as if you were in the States the entire time. And, unlike normal international shipping, the shipping service actually provides a free loss/damage protection for up to $100, giving you a little security that if what you ordered is lost or damaged along the way, you will not be out the money.

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