Shipping what I want across the world!

shipping across the world

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I recently moved to Australia with my new hubby and wanted to shop at my old haunts in the United States. Imagine my surprise when the shipping was more costly than the shopping! I thought I wouldn’t be able to purchase my favorite clothes from Ralph Lauren and Victoria’s Secret without paying outrageous shipping charges. I told my problem to all my hubby’s friends and my new co-workers here “down under” and one or two of them suggested that I use a shipping company that could have my purchases delivered to in the United States and then sent directly to me. They said that his friends from all over Australia–Brisbane, Perth and near Darwin–use this one website to get their “American” purchases sent to them. Since I had no family in the States & I didn’t want to impose on my friends, I gave it a try.

I checked it out and discovered they were right! I looked at all the various companies who provide this kind of service and decided on It was the one that was cheapest and easiest to use.

I tried it with a purchase from Ralph Lauren & Walmart. I wanted to get a new bathroom set for our apartment here in Melborne and new clothes for my new job. I selected the free plan at I couldn’t believe how quick the whole thing was, from the time they got my packages to the delivery to my door. I loved it when they got the packages, uploaded the package pictures for my inspection and approval before shipping. They even re-packaged both purchases to lower the shipping cost.

The next time I used was a few months later when I wanted to get my Christmas gifts for my new family here in Australia. My hubby’s family are scattered across this continent in Mount Isa, Rockhampton, Melbourne, Geelong, Newcastle &Broone. (He has a large family who moved all over Australia.) They told me not to worry, but they were so nice to us at our wedding and the family reunion, that I wanted to give back to them. This time I decided on the membership plus at since I was buying from several different locations and sending my packages across Australia.

I made several purchases on E-Bay, Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s 6 PM, Zappos, Sephoria, Ralph Lauren and the Gap. My husband said I went a little crazy, but it was my first Christmas with my new hubby and his family.

Well, really took care of me!! They got all my packages from all these different stores and repackaged them so that 1) purchases from different stores went to a single address & 2) I got the lowest possible packaging price. If I had had all of those shipped directly to me, without using, I would have spent so much more in shipping! Everyone got their Christmas packages on time and they were all so excited to get the “American” gifts from their American-in law.

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