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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have some of the best deals of the entire year. With stores ramping up for the holiday season, people everywhere want to get in on the deals. But one major issue that I have had living in Australia is shipping rates.

Expensive shipping rates completely counterbalance the whole point of shopping online during the biggest holiday sales of the year. And I still want to be a part of the madness, even if I am no longer living in the United States. Black Friday is something of a holiday in and of itself, calling people from all over to get out of their beds at a ridiculous hour to do mad dash shopping in order to get the best deals of the year. And as Christmas can be insanely expensive, it really makes a difference.

But I have found a go-around for the shipping rates. In order to still gain the U.S. sales that I really wanted, I have been using a shipping service that acts as an American address and then forwards the mail to you. While it may seem complicated it really isn’t. The company, such as among others, acts as a domestic shipping address, receives the mail for you, then sends it along using their international freight service which is substantially less expensive than having the store ship directly to Australia.

In the States, Black Friday ads come out weeks before the holiday itself even happens, giving shoppers plenty of time to prepare for their excursion. Some stores in the U.S. actually will give Black Friday preview sales online before the end of November. I really want to take part in the sales. While Australia is certainly a first-world westernized country, there is simply not the same products available here as there are in the United States. I would like to be able to shop normally, online, but not be charged more in shipping than the actual cost of the product itself. That is ridiculous.

Fortunately, I have found that the shipping companies have been helpful. While I have only experimented with, I will say that the results were better than I expected. I received the item I ordered in a timely manner, especially considering it has a long way to travel from the U.S., and it was in perfect condition. International shipping doesn’t have to be scary. The price doesn’t have to break the bank and the product does not have to be lost in shipping. Actually, I found that has insurance on what I order in the rare instance that something actually happens.

So gear up! Get your shopping done on Black Friday and Cyber Monday just as you would if you lived in the United States. The shipping rates don’t have to frighten you away or the risk that the store will not ship all the way to Australia. You can ease your mind by using a mail forwarding company as well as still get all the holiday sales you were after. Quick Solution to Comparison of Transit Times and International Shipping Costs

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Most online merchants have found that international shipping fees can have a tremendous effect on their bottom line. Due to this fact, knowing which international shipping carrier offers the lowest rates and fastest transit times is very important. is a free international shipping platform that allows merchants and regular users to quickly compare international shipping rates and transit times for all the major international shipping carriers.  Some of these shipping carriers include TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS.’s international shipping platform is free and very easy to use. Users have to simply input the recipient’s country/destination and the details of the package or packages on the spaces provided, then click on the “Compare Rates” option. will quickly obtain the exact shipping rates from all major shipping carriers. The rates provided by include the transit times and the total standard price for shipping through each carrier including fuel surcharge fees and remote area location fees.  This accuracy allows you to compare and choose the lowest and cheapest shipping carrier.

In addition to the TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS rates, also offers two reliable shipping options.  These options are ShipBrain International Economy and ShipBrain International Priority.

Users that choose to ship through either one of these options can save up to 60% off on their shipping fees. For instance, the standard rate for FedEx or DHL shipping rate is $89.80; when users choose to ship through, the shipping fee will be 60% off.  Users only pay $35.92.

The benefits of shipping your packages through are numerous. First, by choosing you can save hundreds of dollars.  Secondly, the team has many years of experience in custom regulations and international logistics; this knowledge will contribute to a fast and reliable delivery service.

The process of shipping through is very easy. The process consists of three simple steps: users simply complete the ShipBrain booking process, attach a prepaid label generated by ShipBrain and send their package to ShipBrain’s warehouse. receives the packages and ships them internationally.

ShipBrain provides the users with quality service and ensures an efficient delivery of their goods to any international destination.’s customer service agents are always available to respond quickly to any inquiries.

These priceless benefits from services positions it as one of the cheapest and most reliable shipping options for online merchants, eBay sellers who are interested or already involved in international shipping, and for users who wish to send packages to their family members or friends outside the United States.

With dozens of international shipping services and hundreds of international destinations, ShipBrain can save consumers time and money by quickly calculating and comparing exact prices and transit times.

Shipping throughout the World:

As the Internet expands into the global markets, more and more people are considering starting an online transportation or trade company and are looking into choosing a shipping organization with online presence.

This is where the website is needed as one of the online shipping company to provide the entire service one will need when it comes to shipping, it is an international shipping comparison site that helps consumers and businesses search and compare international shipping prices and transit times.

The main role of ship brain of course is to help importers and exporters transportation their items. But with different requirements in each country and with many different transportation options and tracks to choose from, it is vital that you choose the right distribution company to suit the particular needs of your company.

To get the most out of shipbrain, I will suggest one should browse through the website and site and checkout the services that will suite your business requirements. Such as international shipping, international freight, ocean freight, or business solutions.

To be on the save side it’s never a good idea a shipping company or organization base on price alone which is a common mistake people make.

By choosing organization, you can cut your expenses because they search for the transportation of huge numbers of consignments, they can settle loads going to a single destination. A distribution forwarder will be able to provide lower distribution rates than you can settle with providers yourself. Of course, you should get quotations and compare expenses from a number of distribution sending providers to find the best stage of cost and support for you – but do bear in mind that the lowest quote may not be the best option. You need to checkout out the rate of support carefully too. And watch out for any taxation and late charges that may not be immediately obvious. If you are new to the globe of worldwide shipping transportation, it will also be essential that you see to it that the organization will provide a directing hand.

To do business with a freight company check for details of company with experience of the routes or goods your business is dealing with.

These extra solutions from your shipping company can help save your organization cash so do have a look at what is available. Like taking advantage of their wealth of experience when it comes to international freight, ocean freight, shipping freight and business solutions. Seek for shipping advice about international trade or freight services, thereby making your reliable partner in business when it comes to international shipping or trading.