Importing Goods to Australia

importing goods

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Running a business in Australia has a lot of perks. The clientele is typically very nice, the location simply cannot be beat, and the economy is doing great. That being said, there is an ongoing issue that arises often for merchants living in Australia; the import of goods. While there are some manufacturing options in the country itself, there is not a lot in the way of variety of items you can obtain locally, which means that for the acquisition of merchandise, it really has to be imported.
With the change of information sharing due to the internet, it is possible to find products anywhere in the world and have them shipped right to you. This has been incredibly valuable to merchants, because now you can find the specific item you were looking for at a reasonable rate from anywhere in the entire world. Sure the consumers could also buy online, but realistically, few are going to order a small ball of yarn, for example, from the United States when you can physically go into a store, see the color, and feel the texture. Also, the rate to have such a small item mailed to you would make it more unnecessary, especially if you could just obtain it locally.
For merchants, the ability to order from the United States is wonderful, but the convenience of shipping and shipping costs is definitely not. I have found one way to get around the headache though. With services, like, I can buy as if I was in the U.S., but have it safely and securely sent to my store in Australia. This gives me access to buy from,, and so many others, but not have to go through the headache of processing international shipping. International shipping can be a nightmare; between the cost of freight and the increased potential for lost packages, it can be a risky business.
Services, like what I’ve used with, make it far simpler. I’m sure you are wondering how that works. Well, through, for example, you are given a valid American address to have your freight and packages sent to. From there, the company forwards the products directly to you in Australia, skipping the organizing hassle that comes with buying from foreign vendors. This is an actual solution to a problem that I face on a daily basis.
The service acts as a sort of loss prevention. Losing merchandise during shipment doesn’t just cost me for the lost product, but it costs me for potentially lost sales, and even lost customers. If someone comes into my store and I don’t have the merchandise to sell, I don’t have customers and therefore don’t have business. Packages get lost, even domestically, but it is far more costly to have product replaced when it is coming internationally. Services, like, take away the stress of missing packages with their convenient tracking system as well as their insurance repayment if things are damaged in the process.
Being able to shop in the U.S. from Australia for my store’s needs has boosted my business. By having the products that my customers are looking for, and at more reasonable prices, has gotten my store’s name out there and given me more customers than ever before.

One Trick to Getting Amazon and eBay to Australia

shipping across the world

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One of the great difficulties with living in the wonderful country that is Australia is getting American goods here. While Australia is obviously a first world country, getting the best deals off of Amazon or winning an eBay bid becomes an enormous shipping headache. Receiving international mail is both risky and costly. You could easily lose a package along the way and there is no guarantee that a company will resend a new item for you for free, especially given the cost of international post.
I have found a couple of ways to bypass the issue though. Instead of giving up your online shopping habit, you can make use of package services to have the parcels forwarded to you from Amazon directly. This means that the package can still be tracked, making it much harder to lose, and quite a bit less costly.
There are a few forwarding services out there, but the one that I have had most success with is By using their service, I am able to purchase the Amazon Deal of the Day all the way in Australia and not have to worry about an extreme shipping fee to get it to me.
Yes there are American goods located in Australia, but with them comes the exuberant price, because the products are considered “foreign.” There is an expectation that American goods should be found in western countries, and they are, just not to the extent as online. In my effort to keep bargain hunting, I have been using the forwarding service by, who has helped me to continue getting access to the American items I had originally wanted.
No longer do I need to fly to New York to be able to purchase the latest fashions, I can just order it online directly and have it sent to my house. Instead of finding some Australian knock-off or substitute, I am able to get the exact product that I wanted as if the company were here and not thousands of miles away.
Online shopping in Australia is very different than in the States, where just about every store is online with thousands of options. Online shopping here has less variety and of course is short on the deals that I am able to snag off of eBay. If there is a true find on eBay and the seller will not ship internationally, you don’t need to worry, the shipper can ship to your provided address instead.
How it works is that the company actually gives you an American address to have the company send to, but instead of making it to the address provided, the boxes are then forwarded all the way to Australia, making it seem as if you were in the States the entire time. And, unlike normal international shipping, the shipping service actually provides a free loss/damage protection for up to $100, giving you a little security that if what you ordered is lost or damaged along the way, you will not be out the money.

Shipping what I want across the world!

shipping across the world

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I recently moved to Australia with my new hubby and wanted to shop at my old haunts in the United States. Imagine my surprise when the shipping was more costly than the shopping! I thought I wouldn’t be able to purchase my favorite clothes from Ralph Lauren and Victoria’s Secret without paying outrageous shipping charges. I told my problem to all my hubby’s friends and my new co-workers here “down under” and one or two of them suggested that I use a shipping company that could have my purchases delivered to in the United States and then sent directly to me. They said that his friends from all over Australia–Brisbane, Perth and near Darwin–use this one website to get their “American” purchases sent to them. Since I had no family in the States & I didn’t want to impose on my friends, I gave it a try.

I checked it out and discovered they were right! I looked at all the various companies who provide this kind of service and decided on It was the one that was cheapest and easiest to use.

I tried it with a purchase from Ralph Lauren & Walmart. I wanted to get a new bathroom set for our apartment here in Melborne and new clothes for my new job. I selected the free plan at I couldn’t believe how quick the whole thing was, from the time they got my packages to the delivery to my door. I loved it when they got the packages, uploaded the package pictures for my inspection and approval before shipping. They even re-packaged both purchases to lower the shipping cost.

The next time I used was a few months later when I wanted to get my Christmas gifts for my new family here in Australia. My hubby’s family are scattered across this continent in Mount Isa, Rockhampton, Melbourne, Geelong, Newcastle &Broone. (He has a large family who moved all over Australia.) They told me not to worry, but they were so nice to us at our wedding and the family reunion, that I wanted to give back to them. This time I decided on the membership plus at since I was buying from several different locations and sending my packages across Australia.

I made several purchases on E-Bay, Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s 6 PM, Zappos, Sephoria, Ralph Lauren and the Gap. My husband said I went a little crazy, but it was my first Christmas with my new hubby and his family.

Well, really took care of me!! They got all my packages from all these different stores and repackaged them so that 1) purchases from different stores went to a single address & 2) I got the lowest possible packaging price. If I had had all of those shipped directly to me, without using, I would have spent so much more in shipping! Everyone got their Christmas packages on time and they were all so excited to get the “American” gifts from their American-in law.

Shipping to Australia for Black Friday

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have some of the best deals of the entire year. With stores ramping up for the holiday season, people everywhere want to get in on the deals. But one major issue that I have had living in Australia is shipping rates.

Expensive shipping rates completely counterbalance the whole point of shopping online during the biggest holiday sales of the year. And I still want to be a part of the madness, even if I am no longer living in the United States. Black Friday is something of a holiday in and of itself, calling people from all over to get out of their beds at a ridiculous hour to do mad dash shopping in order to get the best deals of the year. And as Christmas can be insanely expensive, it really makes a difference.

But I have found a go-around for the shipping rates. In order to still gain the U.S. sales that I really wanted, I have been using a shipping service that acts as an American address and then forwards the mail to you. While it may seem complicated it really isn’t. The company, such as among others, acts as a domestic shipping address, receives the mail for you, then sends it along using their international freight service which is substantially less expensive than having the store ship directly to Australia.

In the States, Black Friday ads come out weeks before the holiday itself even happens, giving shoppers plenty of time to prepare for their excursion. Some stores in the U.S. actually will give Black Friday preview sales online before the end of November. I really want to take part in the sales. While Australia is certainly a first-world westernized country, there is simply not the same products available here as there are in the United States. I would like to be able to shop normally, online, but not be charged more in shipping than the actual cost of the product itself. That is ridiculous.

Fortunately, I have found that the shipping companies have been helpful. While I have only experimented with, I will say that the results were better than I expected. I received the item I ordered in a timely manner, especially considering it has a long way to travel from the U.S., and it was in perfect condition. International shipping doesn’t have to be scary. The price doesn’t have to break the bank and the product does not have to be lost in shipping. Actually, I found that has insurance on what I order in the rare instance that something actually happens.

So gear up! Get your shopping done on Black Friday and Cyber Monday just as you would if you lived in the United States. The shipping rates don’t have to frighten you away or the risk that the store will not ship all the way to Australia. You can ease your mind by using a mail forwarding company as well as still get all the holiday sales you were after.

Shipping throughout the World:

As the Internet expands into the global markets, more and more people are considering starting an online transportation or trade company and are looking into choosing a shipping organization with online presence.

This is where the website is needed as one of the online shipping company to provide the entire service one will need when it comes to shipping, it is an international shipping comparison site that helps consumers and businesses search and compare international shipping prices and transit times.

The main role of ship brain of course is to help importers and exporters transportation their items. But with different requirements in each country and with many different transportation options and tracks to choose from, it is vital that you choose the right distribution company to suit the particular needs of your company.

To get the most out of shipbrain, I will suggest one should browse through the website and site and checkout the services that will suite your business requirements. Such as international shipping, international freight, ocean freight, or business solutions.

To be on the save side it’s never a good idea a shipping company or organization base on price alone which is a common mistake people make.

By choosing organization, you can cut your expenses because they search for the transportation of huge numbers of consignments, they can settle loads going to a single destination. A distribution forwarder will be able to provide lower distribution rates than you can settle with providers yourself. Of course, you should get quotations and compare expenses from a number of distribution sending providers to find the best stage of cost and support for you – but do bear in mind that the lowest quote may not be the best option. You need to checkout out the rate of support carefully too. And watch out for any taxation and late charges that may not be immediately obvious. If you are new to the globe of worldwide shipping transportation, it will also be essential that you see to it that the organization will provide a directing hand.

To do business with a freight company check for details of company with experience of the routes or goods your business is dealing with.

These extra solutions from your shipping company can help save your organization cash so do have a look at what is available. Like taking advantage of their wealth of experience when it comes to international freight, ocean freight, shipping freight and business solutions. Seek for shipping advice about international trade or freight services, thereby making your reliable partner in business when it comes to international shipping or trading.

Buy your favorite stuff online in the USA

Statue Of Liberty, New York (Image courtesy of  thephotoholic /

Statue Of Liberty, New York (Image courtesy of thephotoholic /

We all love the products that are sold in the USA for the best prices with deep discounts that can’t be virtually be found anywhere else in the world. Many foreign individuals and shoppers who live outside of the United States can now effectively buy in USA through couriers that facilitate the process of shipment from the USA all the way to your residential address anywhere in the world. This service has allowed millions of people worldwide to be able to do all their USA shopping online, take advantage of the great bargain prices and receive all their favorite merchandise directly from the USA at their doorstep.

The way these agencies work is a very simple process. Foreign shoppers sign up for sites like and create an account; the site will generate and reserve a unique US-based real street address that will be the address where shoppers can send all their purchased merchandise. These agencies receive the packages and merchandise and forward it to your address overseas in any country in the world for a fixed-price shipping fee plus duties or taxes imposed by the country of origin.

A USA shopping address is a very helpful resource to have when shopping online since most stores like, as well as often offer free shipping only to US-based address; thereby, taking advantage of these free-shipping offers is a great deal when you sign up for these courier agencies and obtain your unique address in the United States.

Apart from these benefits, having a USA shopping address in courier sites like allow shoppers to receive among the best customer service and overall product description with regards to purchasing any product in the United States and delivering it their home addresses anywhere in the world.

It is also important to consider that foreign retailers in countries other than the USA sell the same imported goods for very high prices due to the incurred duties and taxes cost as well as increased margin profits, leaving foreign shoppers with expensive items and an increased level of unaffordability in order to purchase what they want.

The main solution to this problem is to use these reliable agencies where foreign shoppers will be able to obtain the merchandise that they want to buy at the prices that are sold in the USA, which by far represents a great deal of affordability and reliable products for prices that cannot be virtually found anywhere else in the world given at the same level of quality.

For this reason, it is highly encouraged and recommended for foreign shoppers to do all their shopping online in the best US-based stores, obtain a USA shopping address with a reliable agency like and receive all their favorite merchandise at their doorstep with an incredible degree of effectiveness, affordability and great overall customer service. Once the first purchase is made and received, you will want to do it over and over again due to amazing benefits over the long term.

Do You Want to Shop in America

Image courtesy of thephotoholic /

Image courtesy of thephotoholic /

There are plenty of people who want to buy products that are sold in American shops.  Businesses in the United States are searching for ways to increase their sales.   At one time, businesses in the United States could only sell to the people that came into their physical locations.  The growth of online retailers has allowed these businesses to ship their products all across the United States.  While these companies can ship to physical addresses in the United States, they often could not ship anything out of the country or to an address that was for a post office box.  If they could find a way for people to shop in America despite not meeting these requirements, they would be able to increase their sales.

The solution is the use of virtual addresses.  These are real physical addresses in the United States.  When someone wants to buy in the USA, they use this physical address to place their order.  The online retailer recognizes that the address is valid and will ship the product.

The address is bought through websites such as  These companies not only provide a valid physical address in the United States, they also offer services that will forward the packages to the people who want to buy in the USA.

It is important for people to realize that they are going to pay for this type of service.  The amount will vary based on the size of the item, the weight of the item, and the country that it is being shipped to.   As they shop in America, they need to make sure they consider the cost that they will have to pay for this service.  As long as they are comfortable with the total price they are paying for a product including the shipping by the forwarding service, it is a good deal.

The websites such as are able to keep the price affordable because of the volume of shipping that they do.  There are a lot of businesses and consumers that want to buy in the USA.  This makes it easier for the forwarding websites to offer prices that are reasonable.

The next time you want to shop in America, do not worry when you see that they will only ship to a valid address in the United States.  It does not mean that you have to get on a plane or buy property in the United States.  It only means that you will have to think a little differently about what a physical address really is.  As long as you can find a website that offers you a valid address, you can buy the things you want from American retailers.